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Prairie Sky Executive Coaching
"I Support Passionate Non Profit Executive Women"

The PROCESS I use to coach my clients

The 10 P's of Coaching

I prepare by creating the time and space to listen and by being physically and spiritually alert.

You prepare by thinking about your issue, problem, idea, dream or concern you wish to address during our session. Also consider what the outcome of the session should be for you.

At the beginning of our session together we each create as sense of peace by taking a couple of deep breaths and making sure our environment is calm. This could include closing doors, getting water, turning off e-mail etc.

In order for me to coach well I need to have a sense of where you are. What state or province? Large city or small town? Office or home? Weather and what you see out your window? Other beings physically close to you-dog, cat colleague, child etc. I will also share my surroundings.

You, the client will give a quick summary of the issue and the expected outcome of the session.

You the client will describe in some detail the issue, problem and challenges to action.. This will typically include the what, who, when, how and why of the situation.

Together we will metaphorically climb onto a platform and look at the issue or concern from new perspectives. I will ask challenging and probing questions, offer alternative perspectives and perhaps make suggestions. Together we will create pictures, examine practicalities, and begin possibility thinking. We may create pictorials. (what might it look like if?) We will let our ideas percolate a little. During this phase there will be an ah-ha moment when one possibility appears to make sense to the client as one that could move the (issue, problem) forward toward a solution. The client will describe the possibility and the action to be taken.

Out of the possibility a plan will begin to emerge with action steps.

Together we will revisit the purpose to ensure the planned action aligns with the purpose.

You the client will create the pathway chosen toward solution and or opportunity. I will provide support and suggestions and accountability.

A short review of what we have done. We met, we had a conversation, we made a decision, you agreed to create a pathway to a solution. Next time, Close.